Floral Glow celebrating your love one's life with you"


This is a celebration of Life of the Beloved 

Casket Sprays - Full size and Half Size (Open Casket)

Consider the favourite color of your Beloved deceased for the flower color or theme. 


Add your own  unique love/expression a unique thing/item that speaks of him/her - a golf glove / knitting needle as decor of the floral.  Floral Glow will assist you in planning for this celebration - order

Casket Spray style - modern, traditional, all greeneries.

Add an expression of Faith - rosary in flowers, use of Bible in the centre of the casket spray, use of statues - Mary, Jesus, angel, cross,

lit candle, memorial candle holder - a keepsake after the memorial service.  Floral Glow will help you plan the memorial items to express your feelings and highlight your beloved deceased's uniqueness.

Floral Glow offers one hour House-Call free service to immediate families to lighten up your list of things to do - order

Cremation Farewell - Celebrating the Life of our Beloved can be joyous when thinking of the beautiful memories that we hold dear in our hearts.  

- selection of beautiful urns 

- cremation floral designs to express your love - add a statue of the Saint of his/her devotion

- placing a picture of your beloved in the centre of the Table top Floral Arrangement

Memorial accessories 

- Praying cherubim, - Angels

- Lanterns, - Memorial candle holders, - Candles

"Peace and God bless 'till we meet again"  printed on the candle jar; 30 oz/ 24 hour memorial candles; available in scents of - freezia, gardenia, citrus, ocean mist  - order

Classic fresh floral - memorial wreaths - 

Heart wreath - available in open or solid

Round wreath - 12, 18, 22, 24" diameter

Cross wreath - 20, 24, 30, 36" height

Pricing depends on the selected flowers and size of the wreath.

Floral Glow will customize the wreath for you 

Sympathy Flowers 

Color Preference - Color tone, white only, RAINBOW

Design Preference - Modern, Vase, Traditional Fan Style, Basket

Size Preference - Small, Medium, Large

Price Point - $50, $150, $250 +

Delivery and HST extra    order

Silk Floral Memorial Wreath 

Saddle silk flowers

Round silk memorial wreaths - 12, 18, 24 " dia

Cross silk memorial wreaths - 20, 24, 30, 36" height

Open Heart silk memorial wreaths - 12, 16, 24"


Columbarium silk flowers

Mini silk florettes 

Bouquet of silk flowers 

Wire easel - 24, 27, 30 " height   - order